After Builders Cleaning Checklist

After Builders Cleaning Checklist

Most customers are unsure what exactly will the after builders clean involve. The general concern is that dusting and hoovering are the only major focus and that this is not as time-consuming as advertised.In fact, the reality is quite the opposite. The industrial dust is much thicker and twice as hard to remove. The same goes for hoovering and cleaning all surfaces. The efforts of the cleaners need to be combined with professional detergents and equipment. And in case, there are still doubts left, here down you can find a more detailed checklist of what is included in every clean.

  • Bathrooms

As one of the most commonly renovated rooms, the bathroom is usually left quite messy. That is why the essential part is to remove all debris and leftovers. Cleaning all items inside is obligatory. All that requires time and can last up to 3 hours. Sometimes manual labour is not enough and machine scrubbing is needed. Grouts and heavy paint stains are almost impossible to deal with.

  • Kitchens

The next important room in line is always the kitchen. Here the same requirements for hygiene are expected. Dust and builders debris need to be removed from every possible surface and angle. As easy as it may seem, the time it consumes may be up to 4 hours minimum. The cleaning process will include all cupboards in and out, the windows, the sills, the kitchen tops, the appliances in and out; the skirtings, the floors, etc.

  • Living areas, bedrooms, hallways, other property rooms

These rooms are normally left to be dealt with in the end after the majority of the efforts has been focused on the upper 2 rooms. The usual scenario is that all those rooms are completely empty, therefore easily maintained. The most time will be spent on the windows, electricity sockets, lamps, doors, skirtings, and floors.

The general assumption is that all the above can be done for about 4 hours for a 2-bed house for example.While as professionals know that a small studio flat requires at least 6 hours of cleaning. That discrepancy must be well explained and customers should be well aware that results come with attention to details which take time. We at Emma Cleaning are always available to assist with the provision of a free estimate and astonishing After Builders Cleaning service.

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