Boost Your Immune System With A Clean Home

Boost Your Immune System With A Clean Home

Winter is on our doorstep. And with it come the various causes of flu and illnesses. Combine boosting your immune system with a clean home to improve your conditions and fight against infections. So, get a big dose of Vitamin C and prepare the home for the cold.

What we first recommend is to spritz all the property surfaces like floors and countertops and generally places where we normally touch with sanitiser. This will enhance the 5-second food rule to at least a 10-second one – which is impressive! Also, good airing all over makes a huge difference – fresh air is the natural antidote of bacteria and germ rich environment.

Once you are ready with that, you must always secure a dust free place. As boring as it seems, dust is essential into be kept off the ground. Dust comprises of dead skin and hair which usually inhibit the majority of the contaminating bacteria. Use a spray to block it from floating around and clean cloth to wipe it down. And you are one step further from getting sick this winter.

Another major point in keeping the home sanitised well is hoovering at least twice per week. Anything that is not stored in the dust particles is left lingering on the floor infested with contamination. We recommend to hoover and then dust as to make sure you have taken care of all germs. This step is not obligatory though as it has been proven that hoovering spreads dust all over the place. So unless you have some thick and fluffy carpets and upholstery, you can skip this step up.

Finally mopping with a mix of harsh chemicals such as bleach and water is perfect to keep the floors clean. Done once in the evening, it will save up a lot of money for doctor visits and prescription pills. There is nothing better than a clean and sanitised home, to keep you cosy and safe during the flu season, cut short allergy and irritations. Start today and do not waste any time as it will be worth it.

And in case you lack the time or just are not feeling that you can manage it, you can always give Emma Cleaning a ring at 084 5621 3113 and set a regular cleaning contract or enjoy the other deep cleaning options we offer.


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